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The Paddle Pong Dream

Paddle Pong is the vision of David Auxier, an educator and human enthusiast, who sees the possibility for a game to teach more important lessons than the thrills of winning. David’s vision is for the fun of play to teach the lasting joy gained from civility, partnership, cooperation and supporting one another in reaching the goal.

Paddle Pong is a game that all players win.

All players learn that there is fun to be found in working together.

Playing Paddle Pong does not require much physical strength, Instead, to succeed at Paddle Pong requires willingness and partnership focused toward a shared goal: Keep The Ball Up!

The equipment and rules are simple. The playing court is small. But, the lessons and the rewards of building partnerships through fun are immeasurable.

David hopes that soon the idea of play as a means to reach beyond competition toward lessons in cooperation and humanity can be shared around the globe, as his dream of the World Paddle Pong Federation takes form.

We, the members of the WPPF, where play + partnership = fun, invite you to join us in sharing the vision of play as the act of working together.

Cooperation brings joy to all; and a healthy physical activity focused on building partnerships and creating joy is just what this world needs.

And remember, PLAY IS NOT JUST FOR KIDS! Adults need play too!

We are just getting started. Please return soon!
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